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Welcome into The Word Main Open Source Profitless Project

System Units of The Real Values!

Dear visiter!
This project is under a reconstruction.
And we work hardly for create the beautiful comfortable webservise for users and developers of  the servise System Units Of The Real Values.
The main task for us is the Creation of The Public Webservise with information for the users about quantity and quality of the real job, really used for create of the different items of the goods. For calculate the real needed job we are free to use the different scitentical technologies. (One of that is the SURV – technology of how to calculate and compare the different job by Alexander Eist.)
At this moment we only register the new activists and  for create a needed software for Open Resource project.
Please register here and leave your email address for be informed about the first online meeting we prepare on a base Callme – openresource free php-script for developing of the videoconferences.

The author of this idea is physicist Alexander Eist.
Please read more about idea here: http://realvalueunits.blogspot.de