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to RVU - Open Social Proect of creating of the system of the measurement of The Real Value!

Why we need this system? Why we were not satisfied with the existing unit of values ​​- the money?

  • Conventional money we called flexible Money emphasizing their main property: the flexibility to change its value, ie, the purchase power.
  • The real equivalent of labor, indicated by money is not certain.
  • By money we can not objectively assess the value of things. With the money we can not objectively compare the value of different foods.
  • Money are not useful for precise planning based on them can not create a stable trade relations and a stable economy without crisis
Personalized Money are created for the implementation of the local trade and trade even with the complete lack of money of partners - seller and buyer.

To start trade with Named Money is enough the presence in market only three participants willing to use this form of settlement.



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